Egoisme Pret-a-porter: 2 new releases

Exotic Dream is a sensual play on hard and soft, sheer and opaque. Sheer silk scoopneck tank reveals as it conceals hugging and highlighting every ripped muscle present. Rough leather low rise pants hug every bulge accentuating the musclar thighs. Swirling print of the leather adds a masculine tribal touch to these pants and has our Exotic Dream ready for a night out at the club or for some erotic entertainment at home with someone special. The outfit comes complete with black leather belt with silver Egoisme signature Double E Belt Buckle!

Next, nothing is sexier then a well dressed man:

Our Man in Black is divinely sexy and dishelved in his black silk shirt with several button carelessly undone revealing his handsome chest. Casually untucked this short sleeve shirt with rolled up sleeves will keep you looking cool while heating everyone around you up. This delicous outfit comes complete with the charcoal grey and black low rise trousers. Zipper detailing on the thigh draws the eye and provides punk rock influences to the look.

Both of these fabulous outfits will enhance your wardrobe and get you noticed. Exotic Dream and Man in Black are perfect as is or can be worn as pieces to style and enhance your already existing wardrobe.

Remember that all Egoisme Prestige members receive 25% off all purchases. It pays to be in style! Do not miss out on either on what are sure to be two hot sellers!

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Egoisme Prestige group members must wear their tag before buying (remember: just LEFT click on the item to pay and receive the item) Egoisme Prestige members have 25% discount

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