Egoisme Presents: Daniel and Christen Male Skins



New Skins for Second Life

[heading h=”1″]The Duality of Man[/heading]

Elemental, earthy and as sleek as a jungle cat, Daniel is not just a skin – but a whole way of being.
This is the most mythically beautiful skin yet produced by Evian: a skin for men in touch with nature and the universe.
Daniel’s feline shaped eyes and noble profile remind you of his ancient lineage; Mayan and Native Indian blood run through his veins, he is the son of the tribes and his muscular arms and toned torso reveal his inner and outer strength.
Daniel is for the man who is a pacifist, a lover of harmony and introspection but under his quiet depths burns a passionate and animal sensuality.

Metropolitan man skin for second life

Hypnotic, masculine and self-assured: Christen is the skin for men confident of their sex appeal.
His Nordic ancestry can be traced in his high cheekbones, chiselled jawline and sensually curved lips.
Devilishly handsome, Christen is both a lover and a fighter with sharply defined biceps, taut abdominal muscles and rock hard chest muscles.
This is a man who can get you out of (and into) a whole lot of trouble…

Rough sensual american man skin for second life

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