Evian introduces JADE the Bond’s Girl


The seduction of the Orient joins the Bond girls. Welcome the exotic beauty that catches every second life mans eye when she enters the room. Hang on to your husbands she takes no prisoners. Welcome the sexy, Jade!!!
Step aside ladies….there is a new vixen in town.
New from Evian comes the dazzling Jade, a super sexy skin for second life that hints of the mysterious orient. Jade has the face of an angel and the body of a goddess: sleek, feline and exotic.
For extra wow appeal, Jade is also the very first skin from Evian with Lola’s Tango appliers – secondlife mesh addon for women, and you can use the range of makeups to create dynamic or natural looks.
Conquer hearts and the world wearing Jade. You won’t look back…
Choose your best second life appeal with this new skin! Join us at the secondlife mainstore in Dominus sim and try your demo!
EACH PACK have 12 skins, 3 cleavage design, 3 different eyebrows options and a no  eyebrows option.Options available on  fat packs only: 20 makeups plus secondlife tattoo hairbase vividtone, shape and shape compatible LOLASLOLAS HUD to match your accessories with the new wonderful second life skin you want for you!PLUS THREE new EYES in HD.


Egoisme Prestige group members must wear their tag before buying (remember: just LEFT click on the item to pay and receive the item)

Egoisme Prestige members have 25% discount on every egoisme article (inspect vendors to see the discount script before to buy)