In the last week we have introduced to you our new clothing line, fitting for the upcoming EX MACHINA Bento avatar and we are happy to release today the OVERSIZE HOODIE to you. The oversize hoodie comes in 10 different colors with cool prints for your urban street styling. The fresh colors are going to be the eye-catcher when you meet and hang with your


  As we get closer to the release of the EX MACHINA BENTO MESH AVATAR, the EGOISME designer team present today another release to you, the EX MACHINA Hoodie We hope you like! ------------------------------------------ Want to know more about us? follow us!!! Website: Social: Flickr: Twitter:!/egoismefashion Plurk: ------------------------------------------ Egoisme Prestige members have 25% discount on every EGOISME article (inspect vendors


  The EGOISME team is very proud to present to you a very special release, the EX MACHINA Jacket which is a preview on the clothing, compatible for the upcoming EX MACHINA BENTO MESH AVATAR, but likewise for the other mesh avatars, like TMP and Signature, too.   With the EX MACHINA Jacket we open a new era of mesh clothing at EGOISME, carefully rigged


Ok, ladies... let`s get this straight. If anyone is in charge, then it are you, our wonderful ladies. Despite that you have already the tools to set the rules - we are happy  to provide you with the outfit, which underlines even more, what you are. The EGOISME Designer team are happy to release the BOSS outfit for you. The BOSS Outfit is an ensemble

Egoisme introduces Leather Bodysuit for Women

  TELEPORT NOW! Ladies, it is the time to celebrate your bodies. You can and should be proud of your body and we have for you the perfect addition to your lingerie collection. The new LEATHER BODYSUIT from EGOISME is especially designed to support your beautiful mesh bodies. The ornamental embossed and all over leather bodysuit comes in 6 different trendy colors and the laced

Egoisme introduces LARA for Women

  LARA is independent, individual and creative. She´s a confident woman, cheerful and ambitious. The EGOISME designer team is happy to present you the latest creation, the LARA outfit, a perfect combination of overall and top with open jacket. The LARA outfit is designed to let you feel comfortable with your appeareance and to allow you, to be yourself. The LARA outfit, the overall and

Egoisme introduces ELITE SHIRTS FOR MEN

Men throw your cloths back into your closets and get into something much more fashionable. Show off that physique that has been in hiding and bring a fresh new perspective to you clothes. These shirts from Egoisme will be the perfect addition to your Second Life wardrobe. These great fine shirts are easy to dress up or dress down for any look. Great with jeans


For the woman who knows what she wants, who knows her charm and she wants to stay a step ahead the others, here is the new collection Lady, created for the woman who does not have to ask, for those women who want to unleash their sensual sensuality A modern design and the new colors are at your disposal. Try the new Rose Quartz or


The Winter is usually gray and gray and dark and often enough we reflect this in our casual clothing. The designer team of EGOISME have released a set of turtle neck sweaters for you, which hopefully will live up the cold months for you.. The turtle neck sweater is the ideal top to wear in this season: Keeping you warm but being up to date


"Wrapped into the warm fur he realized all eyes were on him. It is this unique fur coat which lets him stand out of the crowd, being the center of attention, underlining his extraordinary sense for style and fashion." EGOISME designer are renowned for the most realistic furs on the grid since years and it was quite a demand that we answered now, by releasing

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